Elevate your sleep with a Rooftop Tent

A rooftop tent is a great addition to any 4WD and great alternative to a fast pitch tent. Roof tops are fast to setup, comfy, sturdy, weatherproof and give added protection with the elevated sleeping position.

Rooftop tents attach either to the roof of your car or to a trailer.

When describing a rooftop tent there are distinct advantages.

  • You’re elevated off the ground.
  • Quick and durable.
  • Most rooftop tents come with built-in mattresses.
  • Limited set up – unzip the cover, flip the tent open, secure the guy lines and position ladder – done!
  • More campsite selection as you are isolated off the ground.
  • Extra space in the car as the tent is on the roof.
  • A hardshell roof top won’t get wet due to the waterproof materials.

Image: ARB 4×4 Accessories