Dune Stabilisation at Clarkes Beach

Reflections Significantly Invests in Dune Stabilisation at Clarkes Beach

Reflections Holiday Parks continues the ongoing clean-up and safety work at Clarkes Beach in response to the severe erosion experienced recently in front of the popular park and along the coastline.

Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Steve Edmonds said the team has been very busy cleaning up the site of the demolished guest lounge and sandbagging at the base of the severely-eroded and unstable dunes.

“Once the sandbagging is complete this week, they will remain in place for the short term to allow us time to work on a longer-term strategy for stabilisation of the dunes,” Mr Edmonds said.

The sandbagging, saw the placement of more than 600 sand bags containing 720 tonnes of sand at the base of the ravaged dunes in front of the park. The sand bags, and other protective works, which will cost Reflections in excess of $250,000 to complete, will create an effective and protective short-term barrier against the relentless effects of the ocean eating away at the dune base.

The park appeals to visitors nationally and internationally who are attracted to the natural coastal location and they are doing everything they can to preserve and make safe this important place for generations to come.