Dogs Make Great Travel Companions

Here are 14 reasons why dogs in particular make great travel companions.

  1. They are always excited about a road trip.
  2. They never criticize you’re driving.
  3. They are happy to go where you go.
  4. They are great listeners and never talk back.
  5. They don’t ask ‘are we there yet?
  6. They don’t complain if it’s raining, it’s too cold or too hot.
  7. They always want to exercise and go for a walk.
  8. Great as ice-breakers when meeting new people.
  9. They’re always happy to pose for photos.
  10. Always happy to be with you – no need to worry about a grumpy companion.
  11. They make you take your time, slow down and enjoy the holiday.
  12. Always fun to play with and explore new adventures.
  13. You have built-in entertainment.
  14. Dogs are always there to share your most memorable holiday experiences.