DIY Easter Crafts

Make it a hoppy Easter and get the kids to turn your site festive with these easy to make craft ideas – some you can even eat!

Why not take the materials with you so the kids and enjoy making them on holiday.

Materials needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Toilet rolls or cardboard
  • Spring or Easter themed/coloured paper
  • Orange, green, white pink coloured paper
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Bakers twine or wool
  • Googly craft eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cotton Balls
  • Textas
  • Scissors
  • Fresh eggs & carrots
  • Small Easter Eggs

Easy Paper Easter Wreath

  1. Cut the inner area out of one paper plate, so that you have the outer portion intact to attach the egg shapes.
  2. Cut the eggs from the paper and glue onto the back of the paper plate wreath. (You can use a cookie cutter or download an egg shape template from the web.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon, make a bow, use glue and attach to the top of the wreath.
  4. Cut another piece of ribbon, form a loop, glue and attach to the back of the wreath.
  5. Hang and enjoy

Bunny Tail Bunting

  1. Cut a piece of bakers twine or wool the length of where you want to hang the bunting.
  2. Cut the bunny shapes from the paper (Download a bunny shape template from the web.)
  3. To make the pomp om tails, wrap the baker’s twine or wool around 2 of your fingers approximately 25 times.  Carefully slide it off your fingers {making sure not to let it unravel} and wrap tightly around the middle and tie.  Cut the rounded ends of the twine and trim it down to your desired size.  Fray twine and fluff into a half sphere.
  4. Glue pom pom tails onto bunny shapes.
  5. Hang and enjoy.

Toilet Roll Bunnies

  1. Using toilet paper rolls, or make your own rolls from coloured cardboard or paper, trace around the base of the toilet roll, then add two bunny feet shapes cut from paper.
  2. Cut out two bunny ears from what’s left of the coloured paper. Glue them to the top of the toilet roll.
  3. Glue on the eyes – if you don’t have craft eyes, use a black texta.
  4. Glue on the nose – this can be a button or use a texta.
  5. Cut pipe cleaners about 2.5cm and glue them on for whiskers.
  6. Ready to go.

Paper Plate Bunny

  1. Cut out bunny ears from white paper or cardboard (size compatible to the paper plate).
  2. Cut a smaller size from the pink paper, these will be glued onto the white ears.
  3. Glue ears onto the top of a paper plate and them glue cotton balls onto a paper plate, covering the entire area.
  4. Glue on the eyes.
  5. Glue on the nose.
  6. Cut pipe cleaners about 2.5cm and glue them on for whiskers.
  7. Paper plate bunny is now complete.

Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Peel hard boiled eggs and add some cleverly cut carrots as legs to create the appearance of “hatching” chicks.
  2. Place them on a plate for everyone to enjoy!

Carrot Easter Baskets

  1. Print and cut out the orange and green shapes from the Carrot Easter Basket Sheet.
  2. Follow the line to cut the orange semicircle and green leaf tops in half.
  3. Roll each orange quarter circle into a cone and tape or glue it securely in place.
  4. Turn your carrot so the seam is at the back then glue the base of your green carrot top into the inside of the carrot cone also at the back.
  5. If you prefer a carrying handle for your carrot simply trim a small strip off the quarter circle before rolling it into a cone. After the carrot has been made you could tape or glue it into place.
  6. You can make different sizes and carrot leaf shapes.
  7. Fill carrots with small Easter eggs and you are now ready to enjoy.