Camp Cooking Tricks

Bag An Omelette

Crack some eggs into a snap resealable plastic bag with some salt, pepper, ham, cheese and a splash of milk, give it a shake and place in a pot of hot water.

Tip: crack eggs into a bottle prior to leaving home for safe travelling.

Paper Bag Eggs & Bacon

Line the bottom of a paper bag with a few strips of bacon then crack a couple of eggs and add to the bag. Fold the bag over, attach it to the end of a stick and roast over hot coals for about 7 to 10 minutes. Eat right out of the bag.

Campfire Muffins in Orange Peels

Before leaving home, make a batch of muffin batter and bring it with you in a plastic container, along with a bag of oranges. Halve the oranges and scoop out the fruit (use in a fruit salad, or for freshly squeezed orange juice). Pour the muffin batter into the orange peels and bake on a grill over a campfire. Result -fresh-baked muffins.

Tip: Keep the half orange peel and use as a candle – simply fill with

Tin Foil Hotdogs

Wrap hot dogs and cheese in bacon and cover with aluminium foil and cook them right in the campfire, rotating to make sure they are evenly cooked. Unwrap and enjoy melted cheese and crispy bacon hot dogs.

Grilled Campfire Corn

Prior to leaving home, boil some corn on the cob, seasoning with salt, pepper and any other spices you like. Pack in snap resealable plastic bags and store in the cooler. Once the campfire is going, skewer the cobs and gently roast over the open flames.

Apple Delight

For a quick healthy snack, carve out the middle of an apple, fill it with trail mix, wrap in aluminium foil and bake it on the fire.

One Cup Coffee Bags

Need coffee but no coffee machine – here’s a solution. Fill a coffee filter with a scoop of ground coffee and tie it tightly with some dental floss creating a teabag-style coffee bag. Just add hot water.