Black Series A Range of Campers & Caravans

Are Australia’s largest camper trailer manufacturer with over 10 years of trailer manufacturing, real-life testing, and in-house research and development which has resulted in over 10,000 GIC built chassis roaming Australia.

Specialising in off-road camper trailers and caravans, the Black Series is known for their affordability and innovation and have been tested by touring the country far and wide travelling some of the countries toughest and most unforgiving landscapes. This is real life testing in dust, sand, salt water, over corrugations, ruts and rocks to ensure that what they build will meet all of their claims but most of all, their client’s expectations.

Black Series campers are available in a variety of choices such as semi off-road, off-road, extreme off- road, aluminium extreme off-road, Extreme Ranger and Outback Rover types and the camper trailer tents can be setup by 2 people in approximately 10 minutes.

Black Series prides themselves on product presentation, branding and the total customer experience with ‘state of the art’ showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The show rooms not only display their products but also their production facilities.


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