Benefits of Camping Solar Panels

Benefits of Camping Solar Panels

Thinking of ways to travel green? When the sun’s out, connecting a solar panel to a camping battery is an efficient way to charge and power appliances and devices.

They can be mounted to your roof rack on top of your caravan, camper trailer, 4WD or boat or even positioned on the ground.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, using solar panels has many benefits:

  • Travel to remote and unpowered locations for extended periods of time without sacrificing essential appliances like LED camping lights and fridge.
  • Silent power source compared to generators. Charging your battery pack throughout the day without having to disturb your camping neighbours and surrounding nature.
  • Solar panels are designed to be foldable and are available in portable kits for conveniently storing in your vehicle boot and easy positioning.
  • Free energy from the sun.

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