8 Reasons To Buy A Cub Camper

 Here are 8 reasons to buy a new Cub Camper Trailer in 2018

 If you’re looking to buy a quality Australian-made hard floor camper trailer, you can’t go past a Cub.

Cub Campers is known for their reliability and durability – their campers will take you anywhere. And once you get there, you’ll be set up in minutes, so you can enjoy your holiday sooner.

In 2018, Cub’s camper trailers are better than ever and here are eight reasons to buy a Cub.

  1. A whole new look

We’ve given the entire range a fresh look – with new colours (and more colour options), new look decals, alloy locker doors, and alloy wheels on all off-road models (Explorer excluded). Across the 2018 range, we’ve used a new lighter-coloured canvas that has the added bonus of being even easier to set-up!

  1. More standard inclusions

A silent winch now comes standard on every Cub camper trailer – no need to worry about waking up your neighbours on those early morning starts. Want to read in bed, and keep your phone charged? Bedside lights and USB outlets are now standard on the Brumby, Escape, Longreach and Frontier.

  1. An even better ride

In 2018, independent suspension is now standard on the Escape and Longreach. The Weekender and Traveller now feature AL-KO leaf shackle spring suspension as standard – perfect for light off-road travel in your SUV.

  1. A streamlined range

If you’ve been watching Cub for a while, you may notice that we have streamlined our range in 2018, to focus on our 7 most popular models. We wanted to make it easier for you to choose your ideal camper. Our range still features hard floor campers in three different sizes, a forward fold, and a mix of off-road and all-road capability – so we’re confident we have a camper to suit just about anyone.

  1. Accessory packs – Upgrade and save

In 2018 we’ve bundled together some of the most popular optional extras into a number of different accessory packs. The accessory packs are designed to give you maximum flexibility – and to help you save money at the same time. Into serious off-roading? Add the adventure pack to one of our off-road camper trailers. Need more power? Add a power pack.

  1. A Cub is a great investment

Cubs are built to last, which means you can travel deep into the outback knowing that you and your camper will get there in one piece. If anything does go wrong, our after-sales service is second to none. Our canvas carries a 5-year warranty. All our off-road models offer a 5 year warranty on the body and suspension. The all-road models ( Weekender and Traveller) offer a comprehensive 4-year warranty on the body and suspension.

  1. 100% Australian manufactured

We remain proudly Australian-owned, manufacturing our campers in our factory in Sydney, using Australian steel and canvas. With a combination of high end technology and experienced staff, we produce ongoing innovations that are often copied but never bettered. Cub is a complete manufacturer of chassis, body, kitchen, electric harnesses, toolbox and tent. We’ve invested millions of dollars in state of the art computerised machinery to reduce costs and improve accuracy and quality.

  1. We’re having a birthday

Be part of the celebration! 2018 is Cub’s 50th anniversary year. That’s right, Cub has now been in the camper trailer manufacturing game for half a century! That’s longer than any of our competitors. And we have no intention of stopping any time soon. We’ve got some exciting things in store for 2018 – and the years to come. Stay tuned.


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