Multi-Mover Australia

Easily move trailers, caravans, boats, helicopters, carts, trolleys and more.

Multi-Mover enable you to easily move and accurately move trailers, carts and trolleys over a level surface. Because of its special tyres and robust engine, the Multi-Mover electric power tug or dolly may be deployed on both hard and soft surfaces.

You may use the pedestrian electric power tug or dolly in the riding school, in the camping, on the work floor, in the factory, on airports and many other locations. It can pull an aeroplane from a hangar, park a horse trailer, move luggage trolleys and put containers on their place in a factory store. You’ll never need to push or pull a trailer yourself anymore.

Our electric trailer dolly function for more than a day on one battery load and are multi-deployable again after a 5h-recharge by means of the charger supplied with it.

Electric power tugs / dollies: electrical, no emissions, quiet, strong and easy to operate.

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