Ultimate Health & Wellbeing Group

47 Smith Road, Tinbeernah QLD 4563

Ultimate Health & Wellbeing Group (UHWG) is a distributor of high quality medical and therapeutic equipment for professional therapists and private home use. Products also include herbal sinus medications , organic food supplements, and a natural cosmetic line sourced from the Dead Sea. UHWG also trades under the names SIMI Medical, Sinus Hotline, and Ultimate Skin Therapy.

The UHWG product range consists of the following:

  • TENS Medical Devices – Primarily for Nerve and Muscle Stimulation and the provision of Drug Free Pain Relief.
  • EMS Devices – May Aid in Stimulating Muscles, and assist with Toning and Exercising.
  • Reflexology Devices – Electronic Foot Stimulator and Massager.
  • Massage Machines – Various types of Electronic Massage Machines which provide for a relaxing Shiatsu Style Massage through to Deep Penetrating Massages.
  • Sinus relief medications – Natural Remedies to aid people who suffer from symptoms of Sinusitis, Colds and Flus.
  • Anti-ageing Cosmetics – Natural Anti Ageing Cosmetic Range sourced from deep within the Dead Sea
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