Newcastle Camper Trailers

Meet Kevin & Sandy at the undercover Showroom, they can show you how to Camp in Comfort.

It is important at  Newcastle Camper Trailer that you end up with a Camper Trailer that suits you and your needs, it’s not about selling you a Camper Trailer and you adjusting your camping to suit it, it’s about putting a Camper Trailer together that suits your needs.

When you decide on a weekend getaway or some serious time-out, our camper trailers offer a choice of quality Light Off Road or 4WD camper trailers ready to hit the road.

Each of the Trailers features an extra strong chassis, industrial strength high quality Dynaproof Canvas in all tents, an awning and a strut lift top for easy access to storage. Every Trailer is covered by a 12 month guarantee against all defects.

Hiring a camper trailer can be a great way to see just how convenient they can be in drastically reducing your setup and pull-down time, whilst improving the comfort of your experience.

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