Jacksons Carry Me Camper

Inspection By Appointment, Murray Bridge SA 5253

Australian Made – Slide On Campers

Designed to fit most single, extra or dual cab tray top utes, this camper is made to go anywhere you and your vehicle are comfortable going. Perfect if you prefer not to tow.

The unit is very quick and simple to set up, lightweight, steamlined design yet extremely tough and dust proof with a comfy innerspring mattress that stays made up for transit. This camper will allow you to go to the most remote locations over the roughest tracks. Because set-up only takes a few minutes means you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.

The unit is easily removed from the vehicle via jacks which allows you to set up on one spot for a few days and still be able to take your vehicle away to see the sights or even launch the boat.

Slide On's; Spare Parts
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